Easter in Paris 2018: Hotels and accommodation


Easter in Paris 2018: Hotels and accommodation

Easter is one of the greatest event of Christianity. Easter in Paris is a very special time for the Catholic people and for travelers from all over the world.

Paris is an aristocratic and romantic city that is fascinating at any season of the year. That is the reason why tourists from all over the world choose to spend their vacation at the city of the Light.

Without adopt the season of spring is the perfect period for traveling to Paris due to the perfect weather. At this season you can enjoy walks around of the numerous sights and the beautiful neighborhoods of the city.

A few days travel to Paris may not be enough for you to see and learn anything you want but it is a perfect choice for those people who need a special place to spend the Easter vacations.


Holy Week in Paris (Le Semaine Sainte)

People take twigs and the priest bless them during the first day of the Holy Week. This day it is also called as “Paques Fleuries” that means Easter with flowers due to the spring and blooming land.

During the Holy Week in Paris you are going to enjoy a number of spectacular parades!

The flying bells in Paris (Les cloches volantes)

The custom of the flying bells is one of the most important events for the people of Paris. There is a myth that says that during the Holy Week all the bells leave the France and travel to Rome in order to be blessed by Pope and to collect the chocolate eggs so there are no bell rings in France during those days.

When the bells complete their mission return to France with gifts and they ring joyfully during the Day of Resurrection.


The Easter nests in Paris

At the night of the Greek Saturday the children make nests at their yards. The myth says that during that night the rabbits taking the eggs from the bells and they share them to those nests. The morning of the next day the children collect the eggs with joy.

That is the egg hung or as the French say “La chase aux oeufs”.

Paris hotels in Easter

Paris is a very popular world destination so if you would like to spend Easter at this city you need to harry up and book room in one of Hotels in Paris.

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