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 Terms & Conditions. e-globaltravel.com is an online tourism information platform and provides room reservation services, airline tickets, rental cars and motorcycles, tour packages and transfer to accommodation worldwide. e-globaltravel.com offers its services in the following General Terms of Use, which the purchaser (the “user”, “client” or simply “you”) is requested to read carefully and to make use of the service only if he/she fully accepts and consents to its application.

Any use of the Site and any transaction through it implies full acceptance of the General Terms of Use by you. Those General Terms of Use are the only binding agreement between you and e-globaltravel.com, in force as if they have been signed in writing.

e-globaltravel.com reserves the right to modify at any time the following General Terms of Use without further notice. Therefore, you should periodically visit this page to be notified of any change.

In any modification of these General Terms of Use, the use by you of the Site at a time after the modification means a re-acceptance by you of the latest Terms of Use and the commitment from them.


1.1 The information on the Site are free. You might want to visit the Site and browse it without fee or registration.

1.2 For booking via e-globaltravel.com any of the advertised accommodation, for comments to the texts of the Site, as well as to register your accommodation, if you are the owner, a registration through the account creation form is required. When registering you will be asked to indicate full name, a valid email address, a username (username) and security code (password).

1.3 You must be over eighteen (18) years of age to register as a member in e-globaltravel.com. For the purposes of this Contract, persons entered on the Site and making reservations through it are considered adults and able to act. Your registration and submission of booking through e-globaltravel.com is a valid declaration of intent. You and the persons responsible for you are responsible towards e-globaltravel.com for any damage that may occur in the breach of this clause.


2.1 After completing the registration you receive a confirmation message to the email address you provided when registering with the data you entered. This message includes an activation link, by which you activate your account, through which you can proceed to booking at e-globaltravel.com.

2.2 Each user is personally and solely responsible for all activities and charges incurred through your account. You must take care to ensure your security code (password) and your standard logout from the website. If you notice any unauthorized use of your account or any action or potential breach of security, you should immediately notify the managers of the Site. e-globaltravel.com is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from your failure to respect and follow this clause. The e-globaltravel.com reserves the right to delete an account if it breaches any of these Terms.

2.3 If a user wishes to disable the account, you may write to the address [e-mail].


3.1 e-globaltravel.com keeps personal data files of registered users in accordance with the requirements of Law 2472/97, as amended and currently in force and has legally notified the compliance of these file to the Authority for Personal Data Protection. The data held in the e-globaltravel.com Archive is only what you have stated during registration.

3.2 Purpose of collection of this data is its storage in a server (server) to identify you and provide you access to pages and services on the Site. For the purpose of storing the data are transmitted to a server within EU. Your consent to these Terms of Use simultaneously provides your express consent to abidance, processing and transmission ofyour data, according to the above.

3.3 You have the right to delete, edit, modify, update the data you entered and even hibernate your registration at any time by contacting the [email protected] address. The same address can be used to for any information or objection about the processing of your data.

3.4 Your email address will not be used to send junk mail (spam). If you wish to receive informative mails (newsletters) on accommodation and news from e-globaltravel.com you can register by entering your email address in the relevant section of the Website.


4.1 The Site [url] is the intellectual property of its authors, according to law 2121/1993 “Intellectual Property”, as amended and currently in force and the international conventions signed by Greece.

4.2 e-globaltravel.com retains exclusive copyright in the design, source code and all of the Site content (including images, graphics, photographs, videos, texts, provided services and generally all this Web files place). The content contained in e-globaltravel.com, its structure and categorization may constitute a database within the meaning of N.2121 / 1993 and protected under that law. Part of the content of e-globaltravel.com, especially the pictures, videos or texts contained in the description of accommodation, may be the intellectual property of third natural and / or legal persons, with whose permission they are used by e-globaltravel.com. Any violation of these rights in any way entails the responsibilities and penalties prescribed by law. Unauthorised usage, including but not limited to editing, copying, modification, publication or republication and distribution in any way, of content of any nature (included but not limited to, images, text, and any audiovisual material) of the Site, is prohibited, including content added by the accommodation owners and decompiling or otherwise unauthorized usage of their software.

4.3 All trademarks contained on the Site are registered trademarks of e-globaltravel.com or third parties and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law, third country law and by international treaties. The use of these trademarks without written permission of beneficiaries absolutely prohibited.

4.4 Without negating or limiting the foregoing, if you believe any of your work is copied or recorded in e-globaltravel.com in a way that violated your rights of personality or intellectual property, please send a written notice, at [email protected]. To facilitate and expedite the resolution of the dispute, further evidence and formalities on your rights on this project will be requested.


5.1 The room reservation and other services through e-globaltravel.com require that you register via the registration form and have a membership account. If you do not have an account, you can search for available accommodations, but during the booking process you will be asked to register.

5.2 It is clear that e-globaltravel.com merely provides the means of communication between owners of accommodation and travelers, charges a fee for the services provided, and does not determine the specific booking conditions of each facility (possible advance payment, cancellation terms etc.). Before proceeding with finalising any reservation via e-globaltravel.com you should read carefully the specific booking conditions set by the particular accommodation owner. Also, any request for information or comments regarding them should be addressed to the operator of each facility through the message form or utilizing the contact details stated under each item. The circumstances and conditions applicable on your reservation are defined by the legal framework of the tourism legislation in Greece and specific booking conditions (policy) of the accommodation you choose. We recommend that you inquire about them before making any booking.

5.3 How To Book

Using the Search tool on the homepage, the user finds the available rooms for the region and the days that interest him. After having chosen the property for which he wants to make a reservation and specified the number of rooms, adults and children that will use them, the user checks the availability by clicking on the relevant option. If the desired room is available, the “Book” option appears. Then the customer is led to a form in which you must complete your personal information and billing information. The fields with the “required” indication are necessary to fill in, the rest are optional. The provision of such data is purely for the effective provision of the booking service and the pricing. In the next step the customer has the option to comprehensively control the details of his booking (hotel, dates of arrival and departure, number of persons, room type etc.), to select additional services provided by the accommodation (i.e. non–smoking room, pets allowed) and add some remark or comment about his stay. In addition at this point the customer should read the booking conditions of the selected accommodation and accept them in order to proceed with the booking. Then, the total amount of the booking, and possibly the amount required by the hotel as a guarantee, is displayed. If a deposit is required or the entire amount as a guarantee, the user selects one of the available payment methods and finally submits the reservation. After the final submission a confirmation e-mail with the details of the reservation is automatically sent, and if a guarantee is required, the final confirmation reaches the customer after its payment, via e-mail and via sms, if the number of mobile phone has been declared in international format (i.e. 306978111111).

5.4 Amendments – Cancellations

An overview of your booking is tabulated on the“My Reservations” section of your account at e-globaltravel.com, from where you can print it. From this table you can additionally change the selected payment or even cancel the reservation, clicking “Cancel Reservation”, until not later than thirty (30) days prior to arrival date (depending on season). Depending on the booking conditions of each facility, you may be charged cancellation fees. Immediately after the selection of the cancellation, an e-mail with the subject “Request Booking Cancellation” is automatically sent to the customer and the owner of the accommodation and after the procedure is completed, the owner cancelsthe reservation.

5.5 Prices- Payment.

Prices are valid for the period mentioned in e-globaltravel.com . In any case the price quoted at the time of submission of the reservation is considered in force. The valuesmay or may not include taxes and fees, depending on the indication in each accommodation. Each property defines the specific conditions under which reservations to it are made. Thus the methods of payment vary depending on the property. The e-globaltravel.com generally offers the following payment options:

  • Deposit in a bank account. In this case, after selecting “submit booking” data of the e-globaltravel.com bank account are displayed to the user. After verification of the deposit, the Mykonian Travel confirms the booking.
  • Payment via PayPal. In this case, the user is automatically redirected to the PayPal website and pays through it, either by transferring money from the account maintained on PayPal or by credit card. More information about this method of payment can be viewed at www.paypal.com address.
  • Credit card sandbox. (For customers outside Greece) With this payment method the user can immediately pay by credit card. After choosing this way, the customer fills out the form that appears on the page. The money is deposited directly to the paypal pro e-globaltravel.com account.
  • Moneybookers (Skrill). In this case, the user is automatically redirected to the website of the money bookers to pay through it. More information about this method of payment can be viewed at http://www.moneybookers.com/app/consumer.pl/?l=GR address.
  • Credit card. Choosing this way the customer is automatically redirected to the website of the (bank) where they can pay using their credit card.

6.1 All registered users of e-globaltravel.com after their stay in an accommodation have the opportunity to post comments about their experiences while staying at it and to rate the quality of service. The opportunity to comment on the texts of the section “Travel News” is also provided. In commenting on hotels and any kind of text, you must obey the rules of conduct of this Article. the submission of comments is not permitted by persons who have not personally stayed in the lodging that they comment on. e-globaltravel.com reserves the right to request from users who submit comments information on the booking of their stay for confirmation, and delete comments if the stay is not confirmed.

6.2 You acknowledge that although e-globaltravel.com provides you with the necessary technological infrastructure and tools for publishing content, all the information and all the content added by users, either posted publicly or privately transmitted, remains the user’s exclusive responsibility. Therefore you are solely responsible for the content you post on the Website comments and obliged to accept the immediate deletion of it, if inconsistent with these Terms of Use.

6.3 e-globaltravel.com in any case can not be considered that it accepts or endorses in any way personal ideas or perceptions of users expressed in the comments. Users of the Site retain full responsibility for the content they publish.

6.4 We recommend strictly to express yoursleves accurately and in moderation in your criticism. Offensive or insulting expressions may lead to the removal of the entire comment. In no circumstances can you affect the honor, dignity or personality of any person. As comments are posted for online publication in a public place, e-globaltravel.com reserves the right to provide the competent authorities with the data of the user that submitted the comment, if properly and competently requested. By consenting to these General Terms of Use you provide your consent to the transfer and notification of your data to legal authorities whenever requested from e-globaltravel.com by law.

6.5 e-globaltravel.com has no legal obligation to monitor user feedback, nor it is possible to complete and permanent control them. Nevertheless the site reserves the right to monitor the material posted on the Site and to remove content without notice or explanation at the sole will of its managers. Comments may also be removed at the request of the individual concerned.

6.6 If e-globaltravel.com is notified eponymously about any damage to another person, and any general misuse of the Site or the addition to it of illegal content, it reserves the right to immediately delete unfair or offensive content and simultaneously disrupt the user account who violates the terms of this permanently or temporarily.

6.7 You are responsible towards e-globaltravel.com and its associates for any loss or damage arising from your use of the Site services unfairly or in any way not consistent with these terms. Without limitation, it is prohibited to use the services of the Site for:

  1. A) Posting, sending, transmitting or installing any unlawful, harmful, pornographic, threatening, abusive, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise objectionable content or content that violates the personality and personal data of others or content causing hate or terror, and / or any other penal offense.
  2. B) Impersonating any legal or natural person or misrepresenting the identity of the user or making misleading statements about the user’s relationship with another person or entity.
  3. C) Posting, sending, transmitting or installing content from a person not entitled to dispose of that content by law or by confidential relationship.
  4. D) Posting, emailing, transmitting or using another method to install unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or other promotional content, sending unwanted and unbidden from the customer e-mails and any other form of unwanted content.
  5. E) Harassment in any manner of privacy and individual and social rights of other users in any way.
  6. F) Selling, marketing or advertising in any way illegal, dangerous for the health or safety products and services.

e-globaltravel.com reserves the right for the above reasons to remove content and delete users even without prior notice. e-globaltravel.com may prohibit user access to the website, in case of a repeated breach of these terms.


e-globaltravel.com provides its users with a number of options for airline ticket booking services, car rental and transfer from airports. These services are provided by the “airtickets.gr”, “Budget Rent a Car” and “HolidayTaxis.com” companies (these will change), respectively. Under no circumstances is e-globaltravel.com responsible for the Terms of Use and Privacy policy of each of these sites, with whom it is not connected in any other way. Before making any reservation, you should carefully read the relevant Terms of Use. Further, in connection with the above reservation services, terms articulated in clause 11 of the present Terms of Use about external links are in force.


9.1 If you wish to advertise in e-globaltravel.com, you must fill out an application with the following information: Name / Company Name – Telephone – E-mail – URL, in order to receive all necessary information and send it to the address [email protected].

9.2 e-globaltravel.com is not responsible for the policy of protection of personal data followed by those  advertized in it during their transactions with users.

9.3 e-globaltravel.com is not responsible for your communication with third-party providers of services advertised on the Site for any commercial transaction that may arise from your relationship with them.


The Site may use cookies to identify you to certain services and pages. Cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to your Internet browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. The cookies do not cause damage to your system and do not affect functionality in any way. The cookies also make navigating the Web easier for you by saving your settings. You can configure your browser so that you are either warned about the use of cookies in specific services of the Website, or you disallow the useof cookies. If you do not wish to use cookies to identify you, you will not be able to have access to those services.


11.1 The Site may contain links to other websites, which are controlled by third parties. These links are only intended to facilitate your search and information. In no case does e-globaltravel.com guarantee the correctness or accuracy of the content of links that it includes or that these links will work ceaselessly. Further, external links are indicative and not exclusive or restrictive. e-globaltravel.com reserves the right to remove or add links without any notice and change the content of the Site at any time.

11.2 Some of the websites to which the links included in e-globaltravel.com lead may require subscription or registration of users to their services. Their reference to e-globaltravel.com should not be considered as a suggestion or exhortation for registration or subscription payment to third party websites. By making use of the Site you understand and accept that e-globaltravel.com is in no way responsible for the content of hyperlinks including the services / products they offer or advertisements contained therein. Also under no circumstances is e-globaltravel.com responsible for any financial or other damage suffered if you follow them.


12.1 On behalf of e-globaltravel.com there is no guarantee, express or implied, concerning the nature or quality of the registered accommodation services for which their owners are exclusively responsible. In no case e-globaltravel.com , employees or persons associated with them is not liable to you for any possible damage caused by your use of the Site.

12.2 Content and the Site services are provided “as is” with no warranty expressed or implied by any means, in respect of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

12.3 No formal guarantee is given that the pages, services, functions, options and content of the Site will be uninterrupted, error free or that errors will be corrected. Also,although we make every effort, there is no guarantee that the Site does not contain “viruses” or other harmful components.


13.1 Given the nature and volume of Internet information under any circumstances and for any reason, including negligence, e-globaltravel.com is not responsible for any damage, loss or moral damage resulting from the use, availability or unavailability of its services and content, in the use of which you proceed with your sole initiative and responsibility. You make bookings in the registered accommodation with your own choice and responsibility, freely assessing the services and recognizing that no partnership or guarantee relationship links e-globaltravel.com to the accommodation owners.

13.2 The content and information contained on the Site should in no way be considered as advice or exhortation for specific action.


14.1 These terms and conditions of use of the Site and any amendments thereto, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, European Union law and international treaties that Greece has signed. All the above conditions are agreed to be essential. Any provision of these terms that is against the law ceases to apply and is removed from the present, without in any way affecting the validity of other conditions.

14.2 If you do not agree to these Terms of Use you should not use the services of the Site.