Easter in Vienna 2018: Hotels and accommodation


Easter in Vienna 2018: Hotels and accommodation

The Easter in Vienna is also known as Ostern. It is not known where that name came from but the most likely versions are the Austrian name of the East which is Osten, or the dawn “Austro”, or the name of the old goddess of fertility Ostara that people used to adore during the same period before they embrace the Christianity.


The Eater Egg in Vienna

In Austria there is the custom of hiding eggs. In the tradition of Ostara, people initially gave each other eggs until the church intervened and forbade it.

Of course this was not enough to prevent people from doing this custom. They continued to donate eggs, hiding them in fields to find relatives and friends.


The Easter Market in Vienna

In two squares in Vienna, kiosks with all kinds of eggs are set up. Mostly shelled shells that have been painted in many different ways and colors, but also egg wings, clay eggs, glass eggs, paper eggs, wire, wooden, magnets and anything else you can imagine.

At the Easter Market of Vienna you are also going to find many wicker baskets of all sizes and shapes and of course canteens with food. The one market is smaller and it has mainly these, the other is bigger and has other things (more food and clothes and tables and purses, bags and more). You should definitely try some strawberries skewered and dipped in chocolate. They look amazing and they are totally desirable!


The Holy Week in Vienna

If you want to take part at the Catholic Easter Procession you should choose to visit the Stefansdom, a church dedicated to Saint Steven.

Its roof consists of 250,000 tiles and its bell is a bell made of the cannon guns left behind by the Turks when they left Vienna in 1683, 20 tons weigh and call it Pummerin.

The inside part of the church is of course imposing, but it does not have the luxury and the goldsmiths we use to see at the catholic balisicas. But there is also a souvenir shop in the church and of course you can see the bell and the catacombs that are underneath.

Vienna hotels for Easter

If you would like to visit Vienna during the Eater period you should take a look at the Vienna hotels in order to make your reservation the sooner is possible.

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