F.A.Q – Hotels


How can I make any alterations on my reservation?

When you complete your reservation you will receive an email confirmation. From there on, either you want to cancel or alter your reservation you can do yourself through the “My Booking”. You need to simply complete the booking number and password that you received the confirmation email.


I arrived at the hotel and there is a problem with my reservation. What do I do?

You will have to contact the relevant customer care, the details of which are located in the email you received. You will have to provide the reservation number in order to help you with any problem that has arisen.


Can I rate the hotel I stayed at?

Of course you can, provided that you contact the relevant customer care (details of which are located in the email you received) and provide the number of your reservation.


How do I know that I have successfully booked my hotel reservation?

Once you complete your booking, a confirmation page is displayed where all the information you need can be found. You will also automatically receive a confirmation email.


Are the prices of the hotel per person or per room?

The prices are per room for the whole period you have selected, unless if otherwise is stated in the description.


Do I have to pay for children or is it free of charge?

Prices shown are per room and are not determined by the age of visitors. Nevertheless, you can check the hotel policies which appear on the tab of each hotel.


We have a child. Can we have another bed in the room?

Generally, an extra bed is available for a small charge. However, please note that an available extra bed depends on the policy of the hotel. We suggest that you contact the hotel so you confirm both the availability for an extra bed and the price.


I won’t be available to go to the hotel. Can I cancel my reservation? Is there any cancellation fee?

To cancel your reservation you must contact us by calling at customer service centrer or by sending us an email at: info @e-globaltravel.com with the reservation number and your cancellation request. Refunds depend on the pricing policy of the hotel.


I want to take my pet with me at the hotel. Where can I find out if the hotel allows pets?

To see if pets are allowed at a hotel, you can open the hotels tab, and see if it is included in the services – facilities. Of course, you can also send us email or chat in live chat tab in order to help you.


Can I prepay the reservation for a hotel?

It depends on the hotel. You can contact the hotel after your booking to make sure and make the necessary arrangements. You can find contact details of the hotel in your confirmation email or online at “My reservations”.


How do I make a special request? Such as a double room with two single beds, a room with sea view, a certain floor etc?

During the step where you enter your personal information, you can fill in the specific request in the “Notes” box. Nevertheless we cannot guarantee that it will be taken into account at the hotel. Once you receive confirmation of your reservation, we recommend that you contact directly the hotel to make sure that you request is applicable.


Can I see the hotels which are only close to an area or a sight?

Indeed, over the list of hotels on the right side, you’ll see a button “Hotels near”. There you can choose to view hotels near a specific city or attractions, airports, etc.


Where can I find information regarding the hotels policy on cancelations?

You can find information regarding the hotels cancellation policy by opening the tab from the list of hotels and viewing the section “Hotel Policy”.


How do I perform search and book a hotel?

Initially, you enter the location details. That is your destination and day or month of arrival and departure. (You can select multiple search criteria to cover most of your needs). Once you click Search you will see a list of hotels that meet the details of the search criteria which you entered during the first step. If you find a hotel that suits your needs then simply press “Book”. Finally, fill in your details to complete the booking.


What do I have to do if I have forgotten/lost the confirmation e-mail of the hotel I booked?

In order to send you the confirmation email of the hotel again, please click here and insert the email address that you used when you booked the hotel.