Payment methods

Payment methods. e-globaltravel  is online tourism information platform and provide room reservation services, airline tickets, rental cars and motorcycles, tour packages and transfer to accommodation worldwide. offers its services in the following General Terms of Use, which the purchaser (the “user”, “client” or simply “you”) is requested to read carefully and to make use of the service only if the fully accepts and consents to its application.

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Prices- Payment.

Prices are valid for the period mentioned in In any case force considered the price quoted at the time of submission of the reservation. The values or may not include taxes and fees, depending on the indication in each accommodation. Each property defines the specific conditions under which made reservations to it. Thus the methods of payment vary depending on the property. The generally offers the following payment options:

• Market Report in a bank account. In this case, after selecting “submit booking” displayed to the user data of the Global Booking Services bank account. After verification of the deposit, the confirm booking.

• Payment via PayPal. In this case, the user is automatically redirected to the PayPal website and pay through it, either by transferring money from the account maintained on PayPal or by credit card. More information about this method of payment can be viewed at address.

• Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Electron). Choosing this way the customer is automatically redirected to the website of the (bank) where it can pay using their credit card.