Weekend for lovers in Greece


Weekend for lovers in Greece

If you are wondering what’s better than being in love and having beside you the person you love, the answer is a romantic weekend for lovers in Greece. Sure, when you are in love wherever you are it’s great, on the other hand a trip could make you feel like you flew into heaven.

Imagine spending some days with your loved one away from everyone and everything in a fascinating Greek destination where you can have all the time you want and spend how you please, enjoy your love and come closer by making memories which will last for a lifetime and bind you together.

We have gathered the most popular Greek destinations for lovers and present them to you.

1. Nafplion

You can choose one of the beautiful hotels in Nafplion to house your love for the few days of your vacation. The picturesque city with the small commercial shops and bars with a view to the sea, make Nafplion the ideal choice for endless romantic moments.

You can hold your hands and climb the stairs of Palamidi.

2. Pelion

Pelion is the absolute visualization of your feelings for each other. The love between earth and sea. The mountains of Centaurs and the sea of the Argonauts. At the hotels in Pelion you will find literally a love nest while it’s the perfect destination for couples who prefer relaxation as well as for those who like vivid activities and seek adventure and adrenaline at their trips.

By choosing the right accommodation in Pelion you will get the chance to make a tour to the well known cave of Centaur Hirona and hide from people to it’s vast inside.

3. Andros

If you are in love Andros island is the perfect destination for you. It’s not far and connects to Rafina with 2 daily coastal routes. This lovely island and the hotels in Andros have an aura which will be hard to resist to.

4. Corfu

The picturesque harbor and the Pontikonisi will make you feel that you have traveled to some foreign country whereas you set foot to one of the most beloved Greek places.

Try and find now hotels in Corfu and make the most romantic surprise to your other half.

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