Spend the Valentine’s day with your lover at a hotel


Spend the Valentine’s day with your lover at a hotel There is nothing better than be with someone you love during the Valentine’s day. That is the day when you and your other half will celebrate your love. There is nothing bad in being lovely and romantic some times of the year and especially that one. […]


Weekend for lovers in Greece


Weekend for lovers in Greece If you are wondering what’s better than being in love and having beside you the person you love, the answer is a romantic weekend for lovers in Greece. Sure, when you are in love wherever you are it’s great, on the other hand a trip could make you feel like […]


Low budget vacations at Europe


Low budget vacations at Europe Would you like to go for vacations in a totally different destination away from your day routine but the money in your pocket is not enough? Don’t wary, we have the right answer for you. Now is your change to make your dream vacations and enjoy some unforgettable moments by […]


Travel ideas for Christmas


Travel ideas for Christmas  Christmas is the most loved season of the whole year. The birth of baby Jesus and the celebrations of the New Years Eve give hope to the majority of the people. That’s the reason that the most of us wants to spend that days with a special way to beautiful places. […]


Christmas in Greece: The 3 most popular destinations


Christmas in Greece: The 3 most popular destinations   Greece is one of the most popular destinations during the summer season. The truth is that mother nature have given their blesses to that land that it is still beautiful even during the winter. The villages and mountains that have no reason to be jealous for anything. […]


Tips for safe hotel online booking


Tips for safe hotel online booking Nowadays we are living ,without a doubt, in the age of internet and online services. Most of the Greeks have familiarized with the technology and the capabilities that comes with modern technology appliances such as smartphones, tablets and the even more advanced personal computers. Internet offers infinite capabilities to […]


Elia beach

Elia beach is a beautiful and very popular beach in Mykonos, ideal when north winds blows, since is protected by the surrounding mountains. It is one of the largest beaches on the island, with shallow waters, fine golden sand and wonderful views at Naxos. Elia is one of the places you can find everything and […]


Korfos beach


Korfos beach is a small bay located just before the village of Ornos, at a very close distance from Mykonos Town. During the last years is one of the upcoming tourist areas, since there you can find everything you want in very short distances. From hotel units and tourist accommodation, up to shopping center with […]


Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis beach is one of the closest bays, on the southwest side of the island, with shallow waters and a unique view to the island of Delos, the cape of Aleomandra and the canal between Mykonos and Delos. Considered being the most beautiful beach of the island’s south-west coast, Agios Ioannis has soft sand […]