Pelion hotels online booking

Pelion hotels online booking

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Enjoy the Greek mountain that was the vacation resort for the ancient Greek Gods

Pelion is a mountain witch is located near to the Greek city of Volos. The top of the mountain is at the 1624 meters from the Aegean sea. From the top you can enjoy the view of both the Pagsetic Gulf and the Aegean sea. That place is famous for its rich natural beauty that catch the eye from the first sight.

The traditional villages with the paving slabs and unique beaches with the crustal clear waters turn Pelion into one of the most popular destinations. Whether you visit that place during the winter period or during the summer season you are going to enjoy a great number of activities that will make you live a magnificent experience.

Hotels in Pelion

If you would like to visit Pelion peninsula you can choose to stay in a majority of hotels. At that location you are going to find some five star luxurious hotels that will offer you all the needed facilities or you can even stay in a traditional hotel.

Accommodation in Pelion 

There are plenty of rooms in each village of the mountain of Pelion. It is certain that you are going to have a unique experience.

Online booking for Pelion

The online booking service that is available at the online page of the travel agency e-globaltravel is the right tool for those people that want to find the best rooms in Pelio peninsula at the best prices.  Here you are going to find the answer to your search, even you are looking for a luxurious hotel or you are looking for a cheap accommodation option.

Activities in Pelion

Pelion combines the nightlife with the quiet and relaxing vacation. Whether you are a sea lover or you need some time to enjoy the nature by climbing on a mountain that i the right place for you. Book now the activities and you are going to enjoy your vacations without waiting for tickets at the last moment.

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