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The Bansko Royal Towers is located in the renowned ski and summer resort of Bansko. The complex is right next to the Glazne River, about 100 meters from the Gondola.

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Bansko hotels online booking

Bansko hotels online booking

You’re going to fall in love with Bansko. One of the Balkan’s finest ski resorts and a destination that prides itself on offering good value for money in hotel accomodation. The winter season opens a world of fabulous opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and even ice skating, thanks to the generous snowfall between mid-December and mid-May, complete with snow schools and ski lessons.

Bansko, the jewel of a resort town offers a lively mix of hotels, chalets and restaurants set around a once-traditional village paved with quant cobblestone streets. After all, the government of Bulgaria invested billions of euros into Bankso, and the proud effort shows, from the snow-blowing equipment and town infrastructure. Many visitors from nearby Greece have already discovered this hidden gem which may not be well known in the rest of the world, but you would do well do put it on your vacation itinerary.

Make no mistake however, Bankso is also a great mountain retreat in spring, summer and fall. Horseback riding excursions are available, picnics in nature near hidden waterfalls, and hiking paths set in panoramic scenery will delight you. Full-day guided hiking tours to the summit of Mount Musala in the Rila Mountains, jeep safaris in the wild, mountaineering adventures, wine tasting tours with many surprising flavors for connoisseurs and amateurs alike, combine with flavorful mountain gastronomy to make your stay an especially interesting one.

Luxury hotels with very moderate prices, spa hotels with indoor swimming pools and a variety of beauty treatments from massages to body wraps, will greet you in Bansko, so will family hotels with a warm welcome, cute budget chalets and delight bed-&-breakfast places.

There’s also an interestingly historic side to Bansko, giving you a more traditional look at the Bulgarian countryside: Orthodox monasteries, old forts, and traditional architecture. Lastly, the hearty cuisine will surprise you with a mix of grilled meats and seafood, while the nightlife with friendly pubs, clubs and lots of music bands will ensure a happy finale to your day.

In a nutshell Bansko is a great year-round resort that’s friendly, inexpensive and full of things to do. If you want a bit of Switzerland in the Balkans without Swiss prices, you’re going to be impressed with Bansko.

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Bansko is one of the most famous places at Valcania so there are a lot of hotels where you can enjoy some great moments during your stay in here.

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