Venice hotels online booking

Venice hotels online booking

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Escape to the dream called “Venice“, the city of channels that with its astonishing and liquid beauty dazzled Charles Dickens’ pen: “for the first time i visited a place that i’m afraid to describe”. The aetheric and delicate city of doges can travel you back in time to its 117 islands of the Adriatic lagoon leaving you to wonder between reality and fiction.

Venice has been characterized as a World Heritage Site, it is the capital of Veneto in northern Italy and the whole city is a landmark. As the boat slips to the aquatic boulevard Canal Grande the whole town reveals itself, with the medieval palaces with lacy facades made by pink and white marble, elaborate bridges and imposing churches, architectural masterpieces like the Basilica of Saint Mary of Health.

Having as a point of orientation the very tall St Mark’s Campanile, you can walk through the labyrinthine alleys of the most romantic city of the world, get lost to the numerous channels, the small squares, the gardens and yards that reveal like little surprises on every corner, especially to less crowded neighborhoods such as Dorsoduro and  Giudecca.

Venice hotels online booking

Venice is one of the most loved destination for tourists from all over the world as well. Visiting that city means that you are going to join a more cosmopolitan lifestyle in the Italian paradises.

Even the Venice hotels are more erotic style but you can make any kind of accommodation choice you prefer.

Venice directly online booking

Do not forget that Venice is a one of the biggest travel destinations so if you have made your decision to visit that place you have to hurry up and make the proper reservation. In order to help you we offer you the opportunity of using the online booking service which is available for you on our online page.

Venice airtickets for budget travelers 

If you would like to have low budget vacation, you may think that Venice is not an appropriate choice. But at the online platform of the tourist agency e-globaltravel you can book economic airitickets.

Book the activities in Venice

If you don’t want to spend your vacation time waiting in a queue for a ticket on order to join an activity we suggest you to book the activities that you are going to join in at the same time with the hotel and the airplane reservations.

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