Patra hotels online booking

Patra hotels online booking

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Patra hotels online booking

Patra is the third largest city in Greece, located on the north side of the country, with a famous port where you can catch ferries to Ionian islands, Italy and other cruises.

Patra in Greece has also a long history, that’s why you are going to see interesting historical sights as the Medieval Castle, the Roman Odeon and the church of Saint Andrew, protector of the town.

Patra city is mostly known for the best Carnival in Greece with many events and a large costume parade.

This place is great for family holidays, while its location makes it easy for you to take road trips to Olympia, Mesolongi, Nafpaktos, Delphi.

Hotels in Patra for family holidays

In Patra you will find nice beach resorts and hotels for family holidays. If you want to spent more days of your holidays in this city, you are able to choose to stay in a low budget room for your accommodation in Patra.

Online Booking services for Patra

If you have made your decision to visit Patra city you have to make the proper reservation. E-globaltravel offers you the opportunity of using the online booking service which is available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ferries for a trip to Patra

You can book economic ferry tickets to Patra from Italy and the Ionian islands, for you to come and have fun in this city with your family or with your friends.

Book your activities in Patra

If you want to spare your time in Patra you will find a lot of activities to do in and near city. So book your activities you are going to do in this place, the same time you book your hotels and your tickets.

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