Parga hotels online booking

Parga hotels online booking

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Parga hotels online booking

Parga city is a lovely place in the north western side of Greece. It has unique architecture gives a special island vibe.

Parga is mostly famous for its picturesque architecture and the impressive beaches, such as Valtos and Sarakiniko.

The most interesting sightseeings that you can visit in this region are:

  • Venetian Castle of Parga, a great exponent of the Venetian architecture, having some interesting details, such as the Lion of Venice in the entrance, emblems of Ali Pasha, two-headed eagles, some inscriptions and a secret path to the sea.
  • Ottoman Castle in Anthoussa village, a newer castle built by Ali Pasha, to overlook the town of Parga.
  • the Springs of Acheron River. A place of great natural beauty, with wild rocks, waterfalls and lots of greenery.
  • Ecclesiastical Museum:  there you will see many valuable items, such as rare books, church items and the 300-year-old banner of the town.
  • Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna: is easily reachable and hosts beautiful paintings.
  • Olive oil Factory: a private museum that shows the process of olive making using traditional tools and machines

Hotels in Parga

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Accommodation in Parga

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Online booking for Parga

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Things you must do in Parga

Staying in Parga, you are going to enjoy a great number of activities. If you love to have fun you must visit more than one of the many beaches in Parga. If you already visited the Venetian Castle, then you must join a tour to Paxos and Antipaxos, at Nisaki tis Panagias, or Virgin Mary Island. 

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