Biarritz hotels online booking

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Biarritz, the  classy resort town on the Atlantic coast of France near the Spanish border has historically attracted royalty and the well-to-do crowd from all over Europe. Even Napoleon III had built a palace for his wife, Empress Eugenia, in the seaside town. Today Biarritz remains chic, yet has become an eclectic surfer’s paradise, thanks […]


Algarve hotels online booking

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Portugal’s southern-most coast, known as Algarve, has so much to offer visitors, especially in accomodation and amenities, from low cost rooms up to luxury hotels, pristine beaches, good prices, culture and nature. Its climate is temperate most of the year, thanks to the warm sea waters and the winds that blow from Africa. Its main city, […]


Maldives hotels online booking

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Many visitors think of the Maldives islands as a peace of heaven. Lying right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the 1,192 coral islands – 200 of which are inhabited and 80 of which have resorts on them – will take your breath away. Maldives, this sunny paradise boasts clear blue waters, rich underwater […]


Paros hotels booking


Every island in the Cyclades is unique in one way or another, and Paros is no exception. It combines two lively main towns and several remote villages with good cuisine, gorgeous beaches and whitewashed homes to create a real island feel, without losing touch with its traditions and heritage. In Paros you can enjoy your […]


Skiathos hotels online booking


The island of Skiathos belongs to the group of islands called Sporades. It’s an island with great history as well as remarkable tourist infrastructure. The quality that makes Skiathos special is its natural beauty. Here you can find over sixty beaches with clear blue watters, exceptional cuisin, picturesque alleys and the beautifull natural harbor where […]


Chania hotels online booking


The seaside town of Chania is not only the most attractive in Crete, but also one of Greece’s. The Romans, Venetians and Ottomans all made it their home for long periods, leaving behind impressive architecture and monuments. Today the distinction between the Venetian quarter with its colorful mansions and the Ottoman quarter on the other […]


Rhodes hotels online booking

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The island of Rhodes or Rodos – capital of all Greece’s Dodecanese islands – combines everything you’d ever want in a vacation spot. Sunny beaches, fabulous weather, great gastronomy, fine hotels, historic castles and lots of nature. Lying idyllically between Europe, Africa and the Near East, it boasts a rich history that mixes Venetian, Crusader, […]


Corfu hotels online booking


If you mix the best of Greece and Italy together, you get Corfu, the jewel of the Ionian Islands with a splendidly historic city center, lush green interiors and superb blue beaches. Corfu – or Kerkyra as it is commonly known in Greek – captivates all your senses, thanks to its very rich culture, identity […]


Santorini hotels online booking

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Considered one of the top romantic destinations in the world, the island of Santorini will amaze you with its sunset, gastronomy, boutique hotels, traditional architecture and lively atmosphere. Its stunning landscapes, including the volcano, caldera, sea cliffs, and blue sea dotted with islands make it a true gem in the Southern Mediterranean. This island is […]


Mykonos hotels online booking


There’s a reason why Mykonos is arguably the best known island in Greece, with only Santorini coming close in terms of fame. Mykonos however wins over its Cycladic sister in terms of beaches and partying, becoming a world-famous destination for nightlife, clubbing, and lazing by the bluest parts of the Mediterranean. Traditional white Cycladic architecture, […]