Ioannina hotels online booking

Ioannina hotels online booking

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Ioannina hotels online booking

Ioannina is one of the four cities in Epirus and the capital of the homonymous prefecture. Ioannina is a lively city, busy but friendly, for every visitor.

Ioannina city is fascinating, ideal for vacation throughout the year. Ioannina has everything; both important archaeological locations and intense nightlife to explore! In this region you can taste the excquisite local traditional cuisine.

Walk among cobblestone streets and admire the orient and neoclassical style of architecture of Ioannina.

If you visit this town in summer, take the opportunity for a boat trip in the lake or a visit to the island.

Hotels in Ioannina

If you would like to visit Ioannina, make sure that you have everything scheduled.

Visit our site, find the appropriate form and search based on your taste and your budget 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

In Ioannina, you will find some great hotels that catch your eye and your senses.

Online booking for Ioannina city

The online booking system on this website, is the perfect tool for you to plan the perfect vacations, just by a click.

In e-globaltravel, you will find many information about the accommodation choices and the hotels, before you even reach your destination.

Airtickets for Ioannina

Book now your airtickets to and from Ioannina as it is a necessary procedure in order to travel to your destination.

Ioannina and whole Epirus is served often by air services from King Pyrros Airport.

Activities in Ioannina

There are a lot of activities you can do in Ioannina. Things you must do in this city, is:

  • Explore the castle town of Ioannina, the oldest byzantine fortress in Greece
  • Have a walk around lake Pamvotida, the beautifull lake
  • Explore Perama Cave, one of the most rare and beautiful caves in the world

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