F.A.Q – Car Rentals

  1. My credit card is charged during the booking process.
    Your reservation is prepaid. When you receive the car, you will be asked to pay an ammount as a guarantee (security deposit) which amount will be charged to the driver’s credit card. When you will return the car the security deposit will be refunded.
  2. What I can do in case I have a problem with my car reservation?
    After complete your reservation you will receive your voucher with all relevant information. For any case you should send us email at: [email protected] referred in quoting your reservation code.
  3. What payment methods do you support for the rental car?
    You can pay the rented car only with credit card. So you can use your Visa, American Express and Mastercard. Debit cards and prepayments are not accepted. In any case you will have to have with you the credit card that is issued on the name of the driver, when you pick up the car. The above mentioned information will be written analytically on the voucher that you will receive via email.
  4. How quickly will I receive the confirmation of my reservation?
    Since your request is being processed until it becomes accepted by the availability of all associated companies, it may take up to 48 hours to receive the confirmation mail.
  5. Is there a specific cancellation policy?
    The cancellation policy applies to any rental car transaction is as follows:
    a) If the reservation is canceled up to 48 hours before receiving the car, there is a full refund.
    b) If the reservation is canceled less than 48 hours from the date of the transaction there is a charge of 3 times the daily cost for the rental. For reservations which duration is less than 3 days there is no refund. In case the costumer was not received the vehicle due to invalid credit card or due to lack of the required documents, the reservation is cancelled with no refund at all, since the agency will be informed on the day of the transaction.
    c) If the reservation is cancelled after receiving the car, there is no refund at all.
    d) In case of reservation in advance, the advance is not refunded.
    e) Reservation in advance means: commitment of the vehicle with a small amount paid and pay the rest of the reservation cost 4 weeks before the costumer receives the vehicle.
  6. How to pick up the car?
    Please check the voucher of your reservation in order to confirm the place of delivery.  Mostly there are three main ways of collecting the vehicle:
    a) At the airport where there is usually a kiosk of the car rentals. If not, a representative or a bus will bring you to the office of the car rental.
    b) At a specific car rental´s office that you have selected when making your reservation.
    c) At the hotel, where you will receive the car or a bus will bring you to the office of the car rental.
    d) You will receive all necessary information of the car rental (name, address, phone number) with the confirmation mail that you receive after the completion of your reservation.
  7. What do I need to have with me when picking up the car?
    Credit card that has been issued on the driver´s name.
    Driving license.
    The voucher of your reservation.
  8. How can I cancel my reservation?
    On the voucher that you have received there is all the relevant information you need to know in order to cancel the reservation. Otherwise you can click here and cancel your booking on your own.
  9. Which countries is my driving license valid?
    According to EU the Greek drivers’ license is valid in all EU countries. But we recommend that you acquire the ELPA international driving license. For more information please contact ELPA on the telephone number +302106068800.
  10. Are there any restrictions for young drivers?
    The driver must possess a category b’ license for at least two years (some countries require more). In order to collect the car you must present you driving license along with an ID or passport.
  11. Can I return the vehicle at a different location in comparison with the pickup location?
    There are many locations which allow this. Any extra fees or options will be displayed during the booking process.
  12. Can I choose any special equipment other than what is already offered with the car?You can ask for roof racks, baby seats, snow tires, ski racks, snow chains, GPS, etc. if the rental office offers this equipment. Charges for extra equipment are available in the information of the selected vehicle.