Sporting vs Olympiakos in Athens


Sporting vs Olympiakos in Athens

Did you know that Spofootball teem and Sporting are going to fight each other on the court at 12 of September on the Athens’s soccer field of Georgios Karaiskakis at 21:45? If you belong to the fan club of either of these two great teams, make Lisbon your travel destination and enjoy an extremely great football match.

If you have already make your decision to take part to that great event the only thing you have to do is to book your travel tickets and take care for a place to stay there and pack your bang. It is an unforgettable experience for someone to watch his favorite team on a full of people football stadium trying to win a good place on Champion League 2017. Although Athens is the ideal city for vacations so you can be both a fan of your favorite team and a traveler on a beautiful city.

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