10% Discount on hotels and activities


10% Discount on hotels and activities

Nowadays may booking vacations seems like a piece of cake thing and it is as there are a lot of offices or sites where you can take a look and book a hotel room, or book a flying ticket as well as activities. Although taking an economic vacation package is very rare and very difficult for someone.

So you may can find vacation packages everywhere but when it comes to cheap vacation packages the situation is much more rare and complicated.

Not any more!

E-globaltravel tourist agency is one of the most known tourist agency in Greece and it is the ideal place to book your vacation in Greece. Everyone needs to travel, but also the most of us prefer not to spend all of their money to a small trip. At the above article you are going to find out what you need to do in order to have economic vacations in Greece.

Decide which place in Greece you would like to visit

The first thing you need to do is to decide which place in Greece you would like to visit the most. Is it an island or a city? Then complete the name of the place and the dates that you wish to travel.


Click the search button. At the next page you can choose the filters you want in order to find the right hotel in less time and with an easier way. When you find out the answer on your quest the next thing you need to do is to validate the booking. On that page you will see the total amount of the money you are going to pay. That is the price of the room without the discount.


On the bottom of that page you are going to see a section with the final price. That is the price with 10% discount on hotel rooms.

Choose the activities you would like to have

You cannot say that you have visited a place if you didn’t have any activity that will help you to get know the history and the life of people that live here. E-globaltravel agency gives you the opportunity to enjoy you travel in Greece by booking activities.

If you choose to book the activities you are going to have from our page you are going to have 10% discount on activities.

Live your dream in Greece by e-globaltravel

E-globaltravel agency cares about the client’s satisfaction so we will always offer our best selves and services. Our agency incorporates with professionals from all over the world  you can just think a place and we are going to take you there.

Make your book now!

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