Milos hotels online booking


Milos is the most exotic islands of the Aegean sea. According to the Greek mythology that island was discovered by the goddess Aphrodite herself. It is the most spectacular island among Cyclades. The volcanic rocks make the beaches colorful. The rocks at beaches are in red, orange and total white colors and the waters are […]


Kefalonia hotels online booking


Kefalonia is one of the most famous islands of the Ionic Sea. It belongs at the island cluster of the Ionian islands and it is an adorable destination for those people who love lying on the beach below the hot sun and swimming in the cool waters of the sea. The landscape is rich in flora. […]


Lefkada hotels online booking


The whole island of Lefkada is magnificent sight. Seaside house settlements, traditional villages that are build among the mountains and the lush nature make you wanna stay at this location for the rest of your life. The mountains of Lefkada are rich in flora and fauna and you are going to find out some special […]


Zante hotels online booking


Zante is known as the Flor di Levante, the flower of the East, as Levante means the east winds of the Mediterranean sea and at the North France. The lush nature and the crystal clear waters. It is one of the Ionian Islands. Follow the roots to the idyllic beaches surrounded by the turquoise waters of the […]


Heraklion hotels online booking


Heraklion is the capital city of the Greek island Crete. Crete is one of the most picturesque places around Greece and it is known all around Europe about the beautiful locations and the great hospitality of the local people. The gastronomy is the characteristic Mediterranean diet. It is certain that you are going to enjoy […]


Andros hotels online booking


Andros is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and it belongs on the island chain of Cyclades. This island has a great history from the ancient times and it is ideal for family vacations and for those people who feel the need to return to nature and enjoy some peaceful days. But the nights […]


Geneva hotels online booking


Geneva is one of the most special world destinations. The city is a place full of surprises, contrasts and challenges. The lush nature with the traditional neighborhoods is combined with the technological development and the great gastronomic culture. The Medieval aura of Geneva will make you feel that you are a time traveler. And now that […]


Dubrovnik hotels online booking


Dubrovnik is a lively monument, a city of rich cultural heritage but at the same time it is also one of the most evolving tourist destinations. The Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, as the people use to call that place is the perfect location for those who would like to see as much monuments and […]


Lisbon hotels online booking


Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. The city is a great cosmopolitan center with a fascinating history, astonishing architecture and an aura that makes you wanna travel to a past time. The amazing fact with the city of Lisbon is that it is the perfect combination of the old and traditional with the modern way […]


Moscow hotels online booking


Moscow is an imposing, proud and enigmatic city. This aristocratic beauty with the hidden secrets combines luxury with history. We suggest you to start the sightseeing by drinking a coffee at the aristocratic arches of GUM and then step out to the Red Square. Walk down to the Moscow river and enjoy the view of […]